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     Dale Ballard of The Fin Reaper Fishing Guide Service offers fishing trips at some of the most popular fishing destinations in Oregon. Dale's home waters include the Columbia River, Clackamas River, the Willamette River and the Molalla and Sandy rivers near Portland, Oregon. Dale also fishes the Nehalem river, the Nestucca river, the Siletz river and the Santiam River. You can book a trip with The Fin Reaper to catch Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon and Shad. 

     Whether fishing for Salmon, Steelhead or Sturgeon, The Fin Reaper is always one of the top producing boats on the water. The Fin Reaper will provide his clients with a truly great fishing experience, day in and day out. This is what makes The Fin Reaper one of the most sought after Oregon fishing guide services in the North West.


Local Area Guides Are The Best
Columbia River Fishing Guides

     The Columbia River has some of the largest Salmon and Steelhead fishing and annual fish runs in the world. There are well over a million Salmon and Steelhead returning to the Columbia River year after year, Fishing enthusiasts can experience world-class fishing just minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon.

     Columbia River Sport Fishing Guide

     Dale Ballard enjoys the opportunity to show his fishing guide clients the most outstanding fishing experiences available.

Mar 5, 2017:
     Fishing with Dale was a highlight of our fishing season. Dale fished my entire family, and a few were not the most experienced. But Dale shined making everyone feel confident in their day of fishing.
Dales equipment was in great shape. His captain abilities were put to the test and he performed at the utmost level. I would always highly recommend to everyone that Dale be their choice for a great day of fishing. He is truly a great professional guide.
     Happy fishing
     -Jaime Yraguen
    My name is Ken Saur. I live in central California and planned a trip to RW’s Resort on the Kenai River in Alaska for August of 2016. One of the guided trips that were planned out of the lodge was a half-day boat trip on the Kenai River. My two friends and I were very fortunate to be assigCHIN00KAHNned to Dale Ballard, salmon fishing guide.
     I happen to be a bass fishing guide in central California and it is my opinion that you cannot find a more knowledgeable person to take you out to catch salmon. Dale does his homework and knows where the salmon will be; the best spots to fish and always has the finest baits for the day. I fished with Dale in Alaska but since he lives in Oregon, I will be making a few trips up there to spend some time in the boat with him in the near future.
     With Dale, you just plain catch fish!
     God Bless you days on the water,
       - Ken Sauret

We've now finished the project of custom building our new boat.
We're already getting lots of attention on the rivers where we fish as our new boat is really a state-or-the-art fishing machine.


Oregon Fishing Guide

     Oregon fishing guide, Dale Ballard fishes the most popular waters in Oregon for Keeper Sturgeon, Oversize Sturgeon, and Trophy Sturgeon. Fishing adventures for Salmon, Steelhead and Shad are favorites of clients who come from all around the globe. Steelhead Fishing the Columbia River is extremely popular all year long. Two of the most popular fishing locations are Buoy 10 for Salmon and Tillamook Bay for Fall Chinook. The Willamette River is an extremely popular fishing location for Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon and Shad and it runs right through the city of Portland, Oregon.

     Local Oregon fishing guide Dale Ballard fishes the most popular stretches of the Columbia river. Water conditions usually dictate where the fishing is going to be best, so the exact location of the best catching changes every year. Stream flow, rain, water clarity and bright sunny or dark cloudy days all factor in when Columbia river fishing guide Dale Ballard decides "where to fish" and "what type of bait to use" or "what colors of Salmon fishing lures and flashers to use." Dale tells clients "Catching Salmon is an ever changing task and there are lots of variables, lots of factors. On the good days most good fisherman are able to get a fish or two. It's on the slow days when all the boats are getting skunked that I really am glad that I have paid attention to all the variables over the years". When the fishing gets tough, I get resourceful and I just don't like to give up until I've tried every trick I know and my clients have had success".

     When you book a fishing trip on the Columbia River with a fishing guide or charter boat, don't be the people in the other boats who are getting skunked and looking over at The Fin Reaper's boat and saying "Hey, what's that guide using?" The Fin Reaper has his own special fishing egg cures and he has learned some lure tweaks over the years that work better on the tougher days when fishing is slow. So when you book a fishing trip on the Columbia River with a fishing guide or charter boat it's good to know that you can book a guided fishing with the best.


Dale Ballard

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Fin Reaper Fishing Guide Service is located in Oregon and all the most popular rivers and fisheries in Oregon and on the Oregon Coast. If you have a question on a river or fishery please give me a call at 503-551-9772

Pro Guide—Dale Ballard
US Coast Guard Licensed First Aid / CPR
State of Oregon Licensed Outfitter #3298
Salmon Steelhead Sturgeon Shad
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