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     Born & raised in Oregon, living first near Sandy, OR.,  then a number of moves around the Gresham / Boring area, but never far from the waters of The Sandy River my father first taught me to fish for trout, steelhead and salmon. This was at a time when fish were plentiful and as a kid with little patience to wait for the bite, it was easy to get hooked on fishing for the rest of my life. Our family outings, whether it be summer vacations, Sunday picnics or just a quick evening run down to the river, almost always involved a little fishing.
     As I grew older, the freedom of having my own car allowed me to explore new waters and eventually getting my own boat. I learned many other rivers and spent a lot of time doing so. After high school, I went to work as a machinist and was employed by various companies, but knew “punching” a clock was not what I wanted. I eventually became interested in firefighting due to two brothers who were doing it.

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I was accepted as a volunteer to Boring Fire, then moving to Sandy where I then was accepted as a volunteer there. While there I became an EMT-3 and with that certification, allowed me to apply for firefighting jobs where being a paramedic was part of the job description. Well, working 24 hrs on shift with 48 hours off, allowed me more time to fish. I then realized that I enjoyed taking new people, some whom never caught a large salmon or sturgeon, and the excitement they realized when hooking on for the first time.  So I studied and passed the Coast Guard exam and received my “Guides License” from the State of Oregon. I have now been guiding over 7 years on the rivers of northwest Oregon.

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Dale Ballard

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Pro Guide—Dale Ballard
US Coast Guard Licensed First Aid / CPR
State of Oregon Licensed Outfitter #3298
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